Friday, 24 February 2012


Today  when i was shaving my safety eraser fell down and broke. I was told by the shop keeper that it was of pure steel. When i saw i could not guess with which metal was it made? Standing in front of the mirror I started thinking about my childhood when the things were cheaper,stronger and had quality.Now a days you are not sure about anything available in the market.You will be shocked to know that even the shopkeeper is not ready to take the guarantee of anything,Sir i have not made the hing at my home.It has come in packing.Ten he tells his own problems," Sir, you can see the things here but when we get the things in bulk we are not alowed to see even that packing contains something or not only when you the people buy things. We understand what has been given to us. May god bring the time when everybody will get pure things without any mixing but today mixing is a fashion........Wait for the good time to come.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Guru charnon mein

swamiji sashtang parnam

आप अपनी कृपा दृष्टि बनाये रखें और मुझ तुत्छ शिष्य पर आशीर्वाद रखें